Always in progress: Resources dedicated to helping you embrace the GYMLESS mentality. Samples workouts, videos, coaching cues, and more.


The GYMLESS Fundamentals

The GYMLESS Philosophy


Part 1: Well-Rounded


Part 2: No Limitations


Bodyweight Exercise: Reducing the Barrier to Entry


Simple Tricks to Make Bodyweight Exercise Harder


Build Your Own GYMLESS Workout



GYMLESS Sample Workouts

Track Work with a Strength Twist




Triangle Conditioning



Technique Talks

3 Mountain Climber Technique Flaws


Cleaning Up Your Mountain Climbers



GYMLESS Exercise Library (video coming soon)

Beginner Pushup Progression

Pushup on Knees, Standard Pushup, Wide Grip Pushup,

Diamond Pushup, Pause Pushup


Intermediate Pushup Progression

Staggered Grip Pushup, Side to Side Pushup, Raised Leg Pushup,

Spider Pushup, Feet Elevated Pushup


Advanced Pushup Progression

Close to Wide Pushup, T-Pushup, Clap Pushup,

Single Arm Pushup



Slider Pushup, Slider Fallout, Slider Mountain Climber,

Slider L, Slider Crunch, Slider Pike, Slider Crawl,

Slider Swimming, Slider Bear Crawl, Slider Reverse Lunge


Beginner Pullup Progression

Chinup, Pullup, Close Grip Pullup, Wide Grip Pullup,

Pause Pullup


Intermediate Pullup Progression

Staggered Grip Pullup, Rotating Pullup, Side to Side Pullup,

Sliding Pullup


Advanced Pullup Progression

Hand + Half Pullup, Clap Pullup, Muscle Up


Beginner Burpee Progression

No Pushup Burpee, Burpee w/ Pushup, 

Burpee w/ Variation Pushup


Intermediate Burpee Progression

Burpee w/ Pull, Burpee w/ Variation Pushup and Pull,

Burpee w/ Variation Pull


Advanced Burpee Progression

Burpee w/ Pull and Raise, Burpee w/ Pull and Raise/Hold,

Burpee to Muscle Up



Pogo Jump, Rope Skip, Double Under, Tuck Jump, Lunge Jump,

Box Jump, Squat Jump, Broad Jump, Ladder Hops, 

Single Leg Broad Jump, Single Leg Squat Jump


Other Bodyweight Movements

Mountain Climber, Rotating Mountain Climber, Inchworm, Glute Bridge,

Hip Thrust, PlankPlank to Pushup, Plank Walk, Plank Hand-to-Hand,

Feet Elevated Plank, Lunge, Reverse Lunge, Split Squat, Squat,

Single Leg Squat, Rollback Squat, Side Lunge, Single Leg Glute Bridge

Bear Crawl, Lateral Plank Walk, Bulgarian Split Squat, Modified Situp