Whether you’re looking to gain strength, improve conditioning or drop a few pounds, you’ve come to the right place. My workouts are quick and intense. They focus on movements you use in everyday life, and incorporate both corrective and performance-enhancing exercises. Function is the key.

GYMLESS Mobile Strength & Conditioning

Completely gym-free 1-on-1 personal training offered in Fort Collins and surrounding areas. We meet at a park, or I come to you. The workouts consist of primarily bodyweight movements, with the occasional kettlebell, dumbbell, or band thrown in.

You purchase one, two, or three sessions per week at a fixed monthly rate.

Online/Program Design

If your schedule doesn’t allow you to meet regularly, or you’re located in a different area, this is the option for you. I’ll design a program to meet your needs. You will receive each of the workouts via email or text, with accompanying video demonstrations. Additionally, you will have unlimited access to me via email or text to ask any questions you may want answered.

  • 1 month at a time
  • $100 flat rate per month
  • Unlimited email/text access
  • YouTube exercise demonstrations
  • Skype meeting as an option