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“When I first started working out, I had horrible form. And I honestly had no idea what I was doing. I wasn’t working out the right way at all. Once Andy took me on, my technique improved big time and I made some awesome progress fast. My squat, bench, and deadlift shot up! He is a good coach and I would recommend him anyday.”

-Will, High School Powerlifter



“I worked with Andy for a few months at the Sam Houston Rec Center. I didn’t expect much from it, but ended up dropped 2.5 inches from my waist in the first month. Plus the strength gains! His workouts are simple, filled with a lot of compound movements and core exercises, but obviously very effective!”

-Lorie, SHSU Student



I’ve had some severe knee pain over the years and it’s just gotten worse over time. I finally decided to sign up for personal training, and I’m glad I did. Before working with Andy, I had trouble climbing a flight of stairs. I would get winded and my knees would hurt. But four weeks later, I was able to finish multiple sets of step-ups onto a 12″ box with little pain and barely even getting my heart rate up. And I dropped 2″ from my waist!

-Wanda, SHSU Staff



“Your articles rock – thanks so much! I have faith that you will continue to write cool stuff, and also due to your fitness background, stuff that makes sense and is based on fitness/supplement knowledge.”

-Kim, Founder/Director of



“Thanks for some great submissions.  It is always a pleasure to read your work.  Excellent job here.” 

-Rodney, Editor



This article is freakin sweet – I love it!! This spells an overwhelming task into such an easy example for our beginner crowd – nice work. Thanks for your awesome work Andy, our visitors will love this.

-Kris, Editor



“Thanks Andy!!  Way to go.  As a mid-50’s trainer, it’s refreshing to know that there ARE young-buck trainers with their shit together!”

-Doug, ACSM-CPT, Regarding my Don’t Be Gym Stupid E-book



“I have assembled some of the best fitness professionals in the business to help me put together an on-line magazine that features all their chosen specialties and exercise programs. These professionals were chosen by me because they had the day to day experience of training clients and using their program designs to get real results. Some of their stories are about business. These guys are busting their asses making a living training people, so why shouldn’t they educate the reader on how to successfully run a business?”

-John Izzo, Regarding the authors featured in Trainer Nation