Hey there,

I recently decided to dismantle one of my older e-books, and repurpose it into a series of new ones with more in-depth and useful information. You just clicked on the link to the first of these – The GYMLESS Guide to Pushups.

Inside, you’ll find three sets of pushup progressions – beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Each progression comes with a detailed movement description, information about how to use it, and visual instruction. Following each exercise series, there’s a page with tips and tricks for creating outside the box variations and combinations.

Below, you’ll see a short contact form. Just enter your name and email, and click the box to confirm that you’d like to receive your free copy of The GYMLESS Guide to Pushups. If you’re interested in receiving emails in the future about new e-books and awesome articles, check that box, too. Once that’s done, I’ll send you an email with the link within 24 hours.

I hope you enjoy it!