Don’t Be Gym Stupid was originally based on a set of articles I wrote for a few months ago. These articles addressed a few common mistakes that both beginning and advanced lifters alike make inside and outside of the gym.

Can’t figure out why you aren’t making any progress? Maybe you should take a look at a few of these points! You might be surprised at just how little it takes to hinder your overall progression in the gym.

The original article duo may be found HERE at Wait a sec – so is this e-book just a copy of these exact articles with different formatting? Not at all! Here’s what I did – I chose ten of the twenty points that I addressed in these articles and expanded on each of them. In Don’t Be Gym Stupid, you will be presented with plenty of thorough information that will help further your career as a recreational lifter!

Here’s what you can expect to find inside Don’t Be Gym Stupid:

  • TEN clearly defined DON’T factors
  • A simple and concise explanation of each of these DON’T factors
  • Multiple ways to fix these progress-halting DON’T factors
  • Maybe even a little something to make you laugh
Don’t hesitate – act now and save your body and your mind a lot of frustration and annoyance! While I won’t guarantee that these DON’T factors will take your bench press from 135 to 315 in a short four weeks, I will say with great confidence that the majority of trainees will find something to take out of Don’t Be Gym Stupid!
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