When you think of track workouts, you probably think of running endless laps or short, gut-wrenching sprints. That’s usually how it works, but there’s plenty of room for variation. The three workouts detailed below combine the tried and true ‘run round and round’ mantra with a few basic twists.

What You Need To Know: Use these workouts to supplement your current training routine. They make great substitutes for cardio or conditioning-heavy days. As usual, start easy and slowly increase the difficulty as you begin to feel more comfortable. Try to take minimal breaks between reps, but feel free to take a nice recovery if you decide to try for multiple rounds.

This workout was originally written for Supplements.co.nz.

Workout 1: Bodyweight, 2-4 rounds

1) 200m sprint, 20 spider push-ups

2) 200m sprint, 40 mountain climbers

3) 200m sprint, 10 plank to pushup

Spider Push-ups

This pushup variation mimics the movement of a spider. Well, as closely as is possible for a human. Start in a normal pushup position, hands shoulder-width. As you descend to the ground, pull your left knee to your left elbow. As you press back up, push your leg back to the start position. Alternate sides as you go, and make sure to keep your butt low to the floor – maintain a solid plank position. Too easy? Add a pause at the bottom or a clap at the top.

Mountain Climbers

I’m sure you know how to do this by now, but here’s a quick refresher. They’re very similar to the spider pushup, so start in a pushup position. Now, bring your left knee towards your left elbow – this is the start. Hop back with your left foot, while simultaneously hopping forward with your right foot, bringing your right knee to your right elbow. Continue this alternating motion, moving as quickly as possible. Maintain a nice plank position throughout.

Plank to Pushup

Once again, start in a pushup position. Drop down to your left elbow, and then to your right. Now you’re in a plank position. Reverse this motion by raising back onto your left hand and then to your right hand. That’s one. Repeat! Be careful not to let your hips sag to the ground. Too easy? Add a hold during the plank portion.

Workout 2: Rope Skip, 1-2 rounds

400m run, 50 rope skips

300m run, 100m moving rope skips

400m run, 20 double unders

300m run, 100m moving rope skips

400m run, 50 rope skips

Rope Skips

If you’ve never used a jump rope before, these may take some getting used to. Just remember – it’s all in the wrists. Too easy? Add a high knee, butt kick, or side to side motion.

Moving Rope Skips

This natural progress utilizes the most basic skipping movement, but also includes forward motion. First, practice doing rope skips while alternating legs. When that feels comfortable, start adding forward motion to it, almost as if you’re bounding forward from side to side.

Double Unders

These are one of the more difficult rope skip variations. Again, it’s all about quick wrist movement. If you get that down, you won’t even need to increase the height of your jump. Watch the video and work at it. If they’re still too tough, switch these out for single leg skips.

Workout 3: Carry, 1-2 rounds

1) 50m sprint, jog back, 50m Farmer’s Carry

2) 60m sprint, jog back, 60m Farmer’s Carry

3) 70m sprint, jog back, 70m Farmer’s Carry

4) 80m sprint, jog back, 80m Farmer’s Carry

5) 90m sprint, jog back, 90m Farmer’s Carry

6) 100m sprint, jog back, 100m Farmer’s Carry

Part 1: Sprint

Hopefully you already know how to do this. If you’re not used to the high intensity of sprinting, start with a fast jog and work your way up.

Part 2: Jog back

 This is your rest period, though it is brief. Choose your own intensity, but try not to exceed 60 seconds.

Part 3: Farmer’s Carry

Set your feet shoulder width inside of two dumbbells or kettlebells. Squat down, pick them up, and stand up straight. Now, maintaining good posture, start walking forward. Choose your own speed, but be careful not to lean too far in any direction – either forward/backward or side/side. As the length of these sets increase as you progress through the workout, it’s probably a good idea to start with a lighter weight than you normally would. For a little more variety, switch the Farmer’s Carry out for a Goblet Carry or Bottoms Up Kettlebell Carry.