I’ve hated distance running my entire life. I was a sprinter in track for several years and loathed our “Friday Fun Runs”. After quitting track, I ran on the road occasionally, mainly to help keep myself in shape. I despised it.

Fast forward about four years. My mom pulls out a book she wants me to read titled Born to Run. Considering I recently purchased a pair of Vibram Five Fingers KSO and completely love them, I was excited to start flipping the pages. Halfway through the book, I suddenly became motivated to run – on the trails, out in Huntsville State Park. Last Tuesday morning, I ran 3.5 miles, easily. I didn’t want to stop.

Last Thursday, I ran 7 miles. I finished with a smile on my face and a strong desire to keep pushing. Why, when I’ve hated running, even the idea of running, for as long as I can remember, did I suddenly enjoy it?

Beats me, but I signed up for a trail half-marathon on May 22nd in Waco. I’m going with the flow.