This past week (almost) has been full of ups and downs. After an easy 6 mile run on Thursday, I felt some pretty sharp pain on the top of my left foot. I didn’t think much of it at the time…

Fast forward to Saturday and Sunday..backpacking the 4C Trail. For whatever reason, Ratcliff Lake Recreation Area was closed. We ended up parking at a gas station in Ratcliff. After a bit of road walking, we started the trail at mile 1.7. My total pack load was about 21 pounds – a number that I was pretty satisfied with considering that 13 of those pounds were water. We hiked to mile 12.5ish on Saturday and set up camp around 6pm. I got to test out the JetBoil Flash for the first time and it’s pretty damn impressive. Under 30 seconds to boil water! It’s a little heavy and bulky, but totally worth it considering its spectacular performance.

This was my first time sleeping in a hammock (Hennessey) and I liked it, mostly. I didn’t like the feeling of hanging above the ground because it made me feel a bit exposed. As far as comfort, though, it’s a definite winner. Next weekend I’m going on a shopping spree at REI. I’ll either come out with the REI Quarter Dome 1 or the Hennessey Ultralight…we’ll see.

We got moving Sunday morning around 8:45am. Before that, my breakfast consisted of a rice burrito and coffee. We made it back to my truck around noon. I was pretty impressed with the Neches Bluff Overlook..not an amazing view, but not bad at all.

Back in Huntsville, my roommate and I binged on IHOP. I had a monster cheeseburger with an extra side of fries and a mocha iced coffee. I learned something very tantalizing here – they give free refills on iced coffee. I think I’m in love.

All in all, the trip was a good time. My Talon 22 performed well and was very comfortable. My foot, however, is not having such a good time. More on that soon…