Unfortunately, the title is something that I try so hard to do, but rarely actually accomplish. I decided to cancel my bikepacking trip last minute. Why? Because it hadn’t even occurred to me that even though the pain in my foot was barely there, biking 50 miles might just push it back over the edge and negate the two weeks of rest I had given it.

For once, I took the smart path and decided to push the trip back until late May or early June. It’s as simple as this – the half marathon is more important to me right now. I want to be able to run it.

As for my remaining runs before I head to Waco…6 mile run this Wednesday, 10 mile run on Saturday, and then another 6 mile run next Wednesday. Hopefully those runs are spaced far enough apart to allow my foot to recover. And before I forget…

My brown Fivefingers KSO Treks shipped last night! If I’m lucky, I might just have them in time for my 10 miler on Saturday. I will be running the 21K in them and damn am I excited!