With my foot leaving me unable to run, I’ve turned to biking over the past week. I haven’t biked consistently since I had a cast on my right ankle years and years ago. Truth be told, though, I’m really enjoying it.

My mom is a runner at heart, but knee problems have kept her away from the sport for several months now. Most of the events she participates in involve her road bike. Yesterday she asked me if I’d like to do a ride – Burn Your Buns 31-mile – in Conroe on July 4. I actually agreed.

This week I’ve been mostly on the road, but when I’m in Huntsville (I move into my new apartment on Friday!) I am usually on the trails in the state park. Surprisingly, I think I enjoy both equally. I like the adrenaline that I get on the trails, but enjoy the smooth riding of the roads.

We’ll see where it takes me. Look for a bikepacking trip within the next few weeks!