On my blogging of course, not my exercise. Never my exercise.

I’ve gotten a new bike since my last post:

I’m really liking it. I haven’t taken it out for any super long ride (34 miles is the most I’ve done), but it performs great on the trails. It’s amazing how different the riding experience is from my mom’s bike.

As far as my adventures go, it’s been dry lately. I haven’t done anything interesting since my ride to Bedias a month ago (I can’t believe it’s already been that long). That doesn’t mean I haven’t been riding and running though. I’ve been averaging between 10 and 20 miles running and 60 to 100 miles biking per week. I’ve started to use brick sessions on both the road and trail and I’m really focusing on speed over distance now.

Unfortunately, the heat is eating away at my soul, slowly but surely. I haven’t been able to run anything longer than 7 miles this summer. I don’t seem to have a problem biking in the heat, but running is another matter. I look forward to rainy days because those are the only days that I know I’ll get a decent run in.

With that negativity outta the way, I will say that I’m ridiculously excited to head up to White River Resort in north Arkansas in just over a week. I’m looking forward to some mountain biking, trail running, hiking, fishing and relaxing. I haven’t been up there in almost 5 years, but I doubt much has changed.