I started watching The Guild last week. If you’re not familiar the name, it’s a web series about a group of online gamers. It’s pretty funny, and Felicia Day is hot. Those damn red heads get me every single time.

So here’s the thing – this awesome show has me wanting to play MMO’s again. Particularly, World of Warcraft. This is bad. I removed myself from the MMO community because I couldn’t balance real life with fantasy life. This was several years ago, and I’ve changed a lot, but it’s still a dangerous thought.

I poured hours and hours of my time into that game. I started right at launch with my best friend. I was always the hardcore type when it came to MMO’s, so I easily made it to 60 within a couple of weeks, right alongside several of the major closed beta guilds. Ropetown, one of those guilds, recruited me at this point and I ended up raiding like a maniac for the next 1.5 years. When we weren’t raiding, I was PVP’ing. I was basically addicted.

Looking back on it though, it’s funny. The gameplay isn’t really what I enjoy about MMO’s. It’s all about a) the community and b) the world. Making friends online is so ridiculously easy and in some ways much more rewarding than making friends in real life. And there’s something so freeing about exploring a very large fantasy world in an avatar that kicks ass with nothing more than a few button clicks. As nerdy as it sounds, breaking into a new dungeon with a group of friends, not sure what the hell to expect, is one of the best feelings ever.

I honestly can’t believe I’m even considering online gaming again. I don’t think I’ll give in, but I figured it would make a good rant. These damn solo console games just aren’t doing it for me. I need an online community to game with that’s capable of at least some intelligent thought.