Here’s how I see it — I’m already training so much, so why not focus my efforts towards something specific, like I’m so used to doing?

I like my long runs, so an ultramarathon on a whim seemed like a wonderful choice. So wonderful, in fact, that I signed up for a 50K on 11/6. I don’t buy into the whole “you can’t do an ultra unless you log 60 miles per week of running for weeks on end” garbage. No sir. I’m gonna make this happen with only three runs each week. Just you wait and see.

Besides the fact that I’m a terrible swimmer (I can flop around pretty good), an Ironman seemed like another great option. But I can’t afford a full Ironman, so a half-Ironman seemed a more realistic option. I’ve got until April to learn how to swim 1.2 miles..time to get started.

After so much dedication to powerlifting and the strict training schedule that accompanies it, I experienced major burn-out. I spent all summer exercising on a whim, following no set training plan. It was wonderful.

But here I am a few months later, realizing that while I hate being tied into something specific, I need structure to function properly. My training lately has felt a little pointless, as I had nothing in particular to work toward.

Now I do.