Burpee Progression Pt. 1

As I’ve been burpee-obsessed lately, here’s a five part burpee progression for beginner and intermediate athletes:

I: No pushup burpee, also known as a squat thrust or squamp. Kneel down, drop into a pushup position, jump back into a kneeling position and explode upwards.

II: Standard burpee. Same as I, but add the pushup.

III: Variation pushup burpees. Same as II, but substitute these pushups variations: diamond, clap, twisting, alternating grip, triangle.

IV: Burpees with a pull, also known as chirpees (haven’t quite figured that out yet). Same as II, but add a pullup, chinup, or parallel grip chinup after the jump.

V: Variation pushup chirpees. Same as III, but add the components from IV.

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