If I were to pull aside a random number of folks on the street, asking if they considered personal training a luxury, what do you think the results would look like? Sadly, I don’t even have to follow through with this little experiment to give you an answer. I feel pretty comfortable saying that most of the population considers personal training and all it entails to be pure luxury.

Maybe it was a luxury 20 years ago. But today, in a country with a shockingly large amount of overweight and obese people? Nine out of ten clients I see have some dysfunction, that if not fixed, has the potential to wreak hell in the near future. We’re a population full of lower back, hip and core problems, and that’s just scratching the surface.

Looking at this issue from a purely quality of life standpoint, personal training is most definitely not a luxury. You’re probably not worried about future quality of life in your 20’s; even knowing what I know and being in my 20’s, I try not to think about it. But you should be. For at least a few sessions, see personal training as more than a luxury. At its core, with a trainer who understands dysfunction and its repercussions, personal training is a preventive investment in your later years.