Sundays used to be my lazy day – hang around the apartment, eat, relax. Now it seems they’ve become my long workout day.

Snowshoeing along Sandia Crest

This Sunday actually IS a lazy day, hence the blog post. But last Sunday’s workout (above) definitely wasn’t: 90 minute hike, 90 minute snowshoe, 40 minute snowshoe run, 25 minute run, total elevation gain and loss over 6000′.

These long workouts serve several purposes. 1) They make me feel alive and take me out of my comfort zone, 2) They let me consume stupid amounts of calories post-workout, and 3) They’re the most enjoyable thing I do.

After a week full of road running and bodyweight workouts, these extended ‘mountain workouts’ are a breath of fresh air. Throw something a little wacko into your routine now and again; you won’t regret it.