Well, in two weeks. Minor details…

But I can wait two weeks, because I’m pumped. I received my complimentary passes today, courtesy of Jess, one of Avery’s Beer Badassadors (what a cool fucking title). The details are few, but sometimes few is just what I want…especially when it’s worded like so:

From Avery Brewing: “Twenty years of brewing here in the alley in Boulder is a huge milestone for us,” said Avery’s National Marketing Director Darin McGregor. “We want to throw a rager. This year’s beer selection is going to blow peoples’ minds.”

A rager. OH YES. But seriously, I’m excited to see what Avery pulls out of the cellar for all of us lucky guests. Dreaming of mouth-watering one-off versions of Mephistopheles’ and kinkily (is this a word??) hopped variations of duganA…

If you aren’t cool enough to snag media passes, grab your tickets here – https://averyanniversary.eventbrite.com/