Avery Brewing – Boulder, CO
Big Ass Stout: 16.43% ABV

First off, love the bottle art on the Avery’s Demons series. The bottle just looks..angry. I love me an angry ass stout. And to be completely honest, I’m recycling this post from an old blogging failure – Post-Workout Beer. This particular bottle was actually from 2011 and tasted in 2012. Onwards…

Mephistopheles’ pours ‘damn black’ with little mocha head. What little head there was dissipated rather quickly.

On the nose, I’m hit with dark chocolate, roasted malts, a slight smokiness, and of course a hint of alcohol.

The taste is a creamy chocolate eruption. While still somewhat chilled, the alcohol heat seems centered on the tip of the tongue. As it warms, the heat turns up big time. There’s a nice dark chocolate and coffee bitterness that lingers.

As for mouthfeel, it’s heavy in body, oily, and completely coats the mouth. A little under-carbonated, but that’s to be expected.

This is a big beer, and Mephistopheles’ lets you know it. I thought this was a very fitting Beer of the Week, as Avery’s 20th Anniversary Party is just over one week away!