The TRX Complex

This isn’t at all like the ‘Crossfit Complex’, I promise. TRX may be a cult in some ways, but at least it’s mostly safe. Sure, you can strain a muscle doing just about anything – bending down to pick something up, aggressively brushing your teeth – but you don’t have to worry about throwing your entire posterior chain out because you kipped a little too hard on your 32nd set of half-kipping pull-ups.Continue reading “The TRX Complex”


Beer of the Week: Southern Star Buried Hatchet


Southern Star Brewing Co – Conroe, TX
Imperial Stout – 8.25% ABV

Tears welled in my eyes as I opened the last can of Buried Hatchet…just kidding. I love this beer, but I’m not that dramatic. As Southern Star is still a rather small brewery now located over 1,000 miles away from me, I won’t be drinking anything by them again for a while. But I’ve been holding on to this Buried Hatchet for too long already. It was time…Continue reading “Beer of the Week: Southern Star Buried Hatchet”